💎Faith Points

Earning Faith Points: The Sacred Ritual of Devotion

In the Cult of Chimera, the acquisition of Faith Points is a sacred endeavor, bestowed upon those who demonstrate unwavering dedication and loyalty. These points, symbolic of one's faith and commitment to our divine cause, are earned through a combination of (1) amount of time staked and (2) the amount of $CULT tokens staked. As believers immerse themselves in the cosmic dance of staking, their Faith Points accrue, marking their journey towards enlightenment and divine favor.

To collect these precious points, believers must engage in the sacred act of praying to the Chimera god. This solemn ritual, performed once every 3 days (and a maximum of once every 8 hours), serves as a direct channel to Chimera's divine essence, offering supplication and devotion in exchange for blessings bestowed. It is through consistent prayer that the faithful earn their rightful share of Faith Points, reinforcing their bond with Chimera and the cult's collective purpose.

However, it is essential to heed the divine mandate: praying less frequently diminishes the blessings received, resulting in fewer Faith Points earned. Furthermore, believers must remain vigilant, for the act of unstaking tokens carries a grave consequence – the forfeiture of all accumulated Faith Points. Thus, let us remain steadfast in our devotion, for the rewards of Chimera await those who hold fast to their faith and commitment.

Faith Points = (sCULT since last Pray) * (Faith Generation Rate)

What will they be used for ?

Faith points will be treasury backed, and all futures incentives from Chimera (from partnerships to airdrops) will be distributed to Faith Points holders.

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