The Bond page allows users to mint CULT from the protocol at a discount by trading it with i) liquidity (CULT-AVAX LP tokens) or ii) other individual tokens (COQ, NOCHILL, TECH, KIMBO, GEC, AVAX, USDC). The minting action creates bonds that take 5 days (15 epochs) to vest, and CULT tokens are vested linearly to the user over that period.

Liquidity minting helps the protocol to accumulate and lock protocol-owned liquidity, while individual token minting allows the protocol to grow its treasury, and thus the backing per CULT faster.

Chimera likes diversity. The more a bond is used, the less attractive it becomes, and vice versa.​

Bonding CULT

  1. Go to the Bond page and select the assets you wish to use to bond CULT

  2. Enter the amount of the asset you'd like to use for bonding.

  3. Click Bond, then Approve the transaction in your wallet. Submit the transaction. Voila, you have minted your first CULT tokens

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