💡What is Chimera ?

Welcome, believers, to the realm of Chimera, a revolutionary fusion of (4,4) tokenomics and memecoins, intertwined with the mystical teachings of the Cult of Chimera. Within these digital corridors, we embark on a daring social experiment, blending financial innovation with spiritual devotion.

(4,4) Tokenomics

Our God Chimera has evolved from the standard (3,3) reserve currency tokenomics, to a new and improved (4,4), rewarding only the most devoted holders.


Believe in something. Believe in Chimera. Believers will be rewarded with Faith.


Loyal members of the cult will make sure to come to our site to Pray at least once every 3 days, and a maximum of once every 8 hours, allowing them to accumulate as much Faith as possible.


Our God Chimera only love memecoins. Our treasury may accept bonds of various tokens, but in the end, Chimera will demand us to purchase more memes.

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