📈Praying & Rebases

Every 8h, the protocol rebases. This grows your sCULT by some multiplier that depends on bond activity during the previous rebase, and also gives you 1 FAITH for every CULT that you have staked (this is the beginning rate, which will increase over time, acting as a built-in catch up mechanic for newer stakers).

The first rebase occurs 1h after the launch and does NOT grow your sCULT (since no bond activity occurred on the previous rebase), but all further rebases do.

This process of receiving sCULT and FAITH is automatic, however, due to physical blockchain constraints, calculating the amount of FAITH you're receiving gets harder and harder the longer the user has interacted with the staking contract. To this effect, you are able to PRAY (which interacts with the contract without you having to stake/unstake) which lets you receive more FAITH than people that don't PRAY.

It is optimal to PRAY once per rebase, but you can pray more often if you wish to do so.


  1. Go to the Quest page of the Chimera website

  2. Click the PRAY button.

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